St. John’s Workshop specializes in the production of hand crafted gessoed boards. It is our mission to provide professionals and students of iconography with the highest quality boards at the most reasonable cost. We take pride in our trade and feel that we grow every day in our knowledge and experience.

At this time, our business does not carry a large inventory, therefore most boards must be made as they are ordered. Orders are usually ready to ship within a week.

St. John’s Workshop was started for the purpose of providing a common work for those wanting to live a communal life. Prayer is central to our lives. In addition to attending services regularly, we remember to pray for our customers by name. The shop is located on the site of St. John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Church in rural southwest Wisconsin.

In addition to gessoed boards, carved wooden icons are available by commission as well as shrines to display them.

Our site in the valley is also the home of St. John the Baptist Icon Studio. Commissions for hand-painted icons are available at www.stjohnsiconstudio.com.