Hand-built in the Traditional Style

We hand craft traditional style wood coffins and caskets with various options. We build them to be 100% biodegradable, using real wood, hemp rope or wood handles, and cotton lining.

Coffin vs Casket

There is a definitive difference between the two. Coffins have six sides and generally appear more traditional. Caskets have four sides like a simple rectangle. We can build either, but currently only list coffins in our store. Contact us if you would prefer a casket.


We are a small workshop and usually build coffins as they are ordered. We try to keep a few on hand for people in urgent need, but we prefer if you order before you need it. One can reserve a coffin or casket as well for $29/month. We then build your coffin and store it until we are notified to ship it. Churches are very encouraged to order a coffin ahead of time and keep it on hand as a convenience for their parishioners. Purchase here.

You can read more about us here.