Processional Icon with Onion Crown


Fully gessoed on all sides

Shaft included



Our processional icons are inspired by designs that were common in Old Russia. Unlike most modern examples, the icon board is professionally gessoed on both sides and attaches directly to the shaft without a frame. Similar processional icons can often be seen in old Russian icons showing church processions. These can be ordered finished with iconography, but otherwise come standard with a true gesso finish on both sides.

  • Board is built of 1.5″ thick quartersawn linden, 14”x24”
  • The turned hard maple shaft is 60” tall with comfortable hand supports, and a beautiful hand-rubbed oil finish.
  • Price reflects true gesso finish on both sides, iconography not included
  • Contact us if you are interested in ordering with iconography

Design and prototype (pictured) by Andrew Gould and painted by Fr. Andrew Tregubov, built to order by St. John’s Workshop.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 78 × 20 × 6 in