St. John’s Workshop specializes in the production of the finest hand crafted gessoed icon boards, but also supplies churches with furniture, accessories, and coffins. We’re located in rural south west Wisconsin and try to source all our raw materials locally, working with nearby sawmills to obtain the best quality lumber. Most professionals and students of iconography who have used our boards esteem them as the best available. All our products are top of the line. If you are seeking quality, you will find it at St. John’s Workshop.

Our Ministry

St. John’s Workshop is not an ordinary small business, but a means of supporting a ministry. Fr. Dimitri is an assistant priest who strives to serve the Church to the best of his abilities. One of his talents is in liturgical music and he has a goal to advance the ancient Russian chant tradition in the United States by teaching how to read the ancient form of notation and renew our liturgical expectations for music. St. John’s Workshop both provides traditional gessoed icon panels that often end up in our churches, and supports Fr. Dimitri and his family. Currently, Fr. Dimitri receives little in the way of donations for his work, thus prices must be kept high to pay him a fair wage for his labor. It is hoped that in time, broad financial support can be found that will subsidize St. John’s Workshop and allow prices for such high quality traditional gessoed icon panels to be offered at lower prices. Fr. Dimitri asks for your support to continue this rare and ancient craft.

Support Our Workshop

Given that the business is necessary for the well-being of Fr. Dimitri’s family and others, one might expect it to develop a mercenary attitude. This however is not the case. Fr. Dimitri sees it as an extension of his ministry and believes in the importance of providing high quality craftsmanship and irreproachable customer service for the sake of others. You can help him either by donating or by ordering your iconography supplies, furnishings and accessories for your church, or various items for your home. By supporting St. John’s Workshop, you will be partnering in a ministry, vicariously serving others in the name of Christ.